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Haikyuu Season 3 + Movie - English Sub

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Haikyuu Season 3 

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After the victory against Aoba Jousai High, Karasuno High School, once called "a falling powerhouse, a crow that cannot fly," finally reached the top of the heated Spring tournament. Now, to advance to the national level, the Karasuno team must defeat the Shiratorizawa academy. Karasuno's biggest obstacle is their enemy Ace, Wakatoshi Ushijima, the number one player in Miyagi Prefecture, and one of the three best Ace in the country.

Only the strongest teams will qualify for the national tournament. Because this match was the last chance for a third-year player to qualify for the national team, Karasuno had to use everything they learned during the training camp and previous matches to win. Filled with anxiety and excitement, both teams are determined to come out on top in the third season of Haikyuu !!.

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Haikyuu Season 3- Streaming- Streaming

Type: TV
Episodes: 10
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 8, 2016, to Dec 10, 2016
Premiered: Fall 2016
Broadcast: Saturdays at 01:55 (JST)
Producers: TOHO animation, Shueisha
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Production I.G
Source: Manga
Genres: Comedy, Sports, Drama, School, Shounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Reviews: [01]

"Even if we are not sure that we will win, even if others tell us that we have no chance, we cannot say that to ourselves." - Daichi Sawamura

In today's anime age; a world filled with analysis and excessive deconstruction, it is always fun to see series like Haikyuu come as if passively against critics with extraordinary hype. I've been quite guilty in the past, often thinking there was no other reason to watch this series than criticizing how much it made you 'think'. But for all the reviewers and critics who find mistakes out there (including me), I have one thing to say ... just save your words once. People don't watch this anime to tirelessly dissect their stories or characters at a philosophical level. Haikyuu is about volleyball that is fun, friendship and love. The main underdog story. More or less.

If you told me a few years ago that anime franchises involving high school sports would be one of my favorites in the media, I might laugh in front of you. But I realize that the quality of anime exceeds what makes you think. How does that make you feel as important ... because, in the end, most of us watch anime as a way to avoid repeating everyday life and just enjoying ourselves. This brings us to an interesting place, where we usually don't experience it ourselves. Anime should be fun, and Haikyuu is no exception.

The third season of Haikyuu can almost be seen as an expansion pack for the main series, or as one reviewer said, like DLC for your favorite video game. This is a fair assessment considering the 10 episodes were cut compared to the first two seasons of 26 episodes each. Karasuno found themselves pitted against the Shiratorizawa powerhouse, in a match of 5 sets no one expected them to win. There is less overall character development, but more than enough action to make it up. I would say this season mimics the intense tone produced by the last few episodes in season 2, my favorite of the entire series. The result is a throbbing trip to the epic conclusion of the match. That's what I need to get through a relatively lackluster fall.

There isn't much storyline this season, mostly because of shorter periods of time. Being in the match 5 set is unknown territory for our favorite Karasuno team, which starts to be seen as the series continues. Fatigue starts to become a factor, and for the first time I can remember in Haikyuu, players are getting tired mentally and physically. It combines important aspects of playing sports, making the character a lot more fun for someone who is already there. We also see the culmination of a variety of new skills that Karasuno players have practiced producing results when they are the most important. Either from Nishinora's jumping arrangements or Tsukishima's block readings, each player plays an important role in changing the ups and downs of one or several points during a match. The Haiykuu writers also continued their emphasis on the background of Karasuno's opponents throughout the match. It was slightly simplified from last season, and I still want to see Ushijima's past elaborated further.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the whole series to date is the sudden mental involvement shown by Tsukishima. Tsuki usually shows a personality that is as dynamic as a cardboard box, but it surprises us all when he starts to become busier and compelled to help his team. He imitated a mentality that nobody liked, and I found myself really cheering loudly for him when he blocked Ushijima for the first time. Another refreshing point to discuss the cast is how the passive roles Hinata and Kageyama actually played this season. As the series continues, the narrative shifts from Hinata's drive and determination as an individual to the importance of teamwork and synergy. The results were very strong and I began to really be attached to every member of the Karasuno team.

Clearly, the hype at Haikyuu isn't real, and the third season is the best example of this. Even the relatively stone-faced member of Shiratorizawa was wrapped in excitement. Anime has proven repeatedly that you can breathe life and intensity in each topic. Some people might blame this series for a lot of overreaction and such, but at this point, viewers should expect it based on precedents

Is this better than Season 2? Unfortunately, the short format coupled with unattractive characters caused it to fail to achieve brilliance around the second installment. Many training camp episodes from last season did more to add to the story than I realized, causing viewers to be truly attached to far more opposing players. Not to mention that Oikawa is the character you want to support but can't. Another aspect of the series which in my opinion does not interfere until now is the lack of family members of the Karasuno players who are featured in the stands. Instead, we were limited to a select few who were grouped together while others seemed to consist of student bodies. From attending many high school sporting events in the past, it might be rather difficult to understand how the parents of these children are not even in the picture at their matches. Minor complaints, but I do not understand. Maybe Furudate (creator) even though Haikyuu already has enough characters!

The voice acting is still solid and the music is consistently optimistic and strong. There are some recycled songs from previous seasons, which in my opinion are more entertaining than stale for this series. The editing and sound effects are some of the best in the business because Haikyuu presents them again with realistic gym sounds and crowd sounds. This animation also seems to receive a significant increase from the show's debut season, rivaling other sports series such as Ping Pong at the "over-the-top-ness" level. Indeed, just having to edit together one setting for the entire season might allow the animation team to expand their skills in other more complicated areas.

To summarize this season in one sentence (as recommended by one of my MAL friends), Haikyuu S3 is "A white-footed underdog story at 100 mph above the speed limit, wearing a big smile all the time." This is the best series seen in one party watching session rather than enjoyed week after week and is only defeated by previous installments. If you have seen the first two seasons, you are behind the curve by not taking this one ... this is an exciting time! Thank you for reading and making sure to see more of my Fall ‘16 reviews!

Reviews: [02]

Given the amount of hype that Haikyuu seems to have on his own fan base, I hope this review won't be more negative than I meant, so I just want to start by saying that Haikyuu is definitely one of the better traditional sports anime I've seen, but despite it's still far from perfect.

This third season took place exactly where it was last abandoned, throwing us straight into the regional finals of the Spring Tournament between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa. And that's almost everything that happened this season because it was significantly shorter with only 10 episodes, and all that was spent on the best singles of these five finals. However, shorter lengths also mean that there is a little downtime, and thus almost every episode of the season is action-packed and interesting, unlike the second season which spends the entire first half only on uninspired training bows, so I naturally think of this as repairs on paper.

Now I will admit that in general, I'm not a fan of the hot-blooded shounen series, I also don't really like sports outside of real life, so this must have an impact on my enjoyment at Haikyuu too. In short, this anime is very predictable. That is one thing to be able to guess the eventual winner, but for example, I shouldn't be able to easily say where the specified order will be won by each party, because everything is made to be played in a way that creates the maximum amount of hype for the viewer. It just ... feels so fake. And even the demonstrations on the set itself are generally quite predictable; the camera focuses primarily on one player briefly and allows you to see things from his perspective, at which point you can be sure that the next one or two points will be decided by him. Eventually, other players will adapt to whatever strategy he uses and then break his streak, at which point the focus will shift to other people where the same thing will be played. It feels like everyone is following the script. That said, I must admit that even though it feels very unnatural, it is undoubtedly quite effective. Thanks to the direction of the stars that Haikyuu has, it really succeeded in making each point feel important and interesting, and the amount of emotion emanating from the players must not be underestimated. You can really feel how much this means to everyone and how they want to win, regardless of the cost. However, that still does not change the fact that the development of the set is actually too clean and perfect, and feels like following too many rigid patterns rather than describing the chaos that often occurs in volleyball in real life.

This is where I might have to mention that I am not a volleyball expert and my knowledge of it is limited to what I have learned in sports class and from watching it on TV. However, this also proves my point further because even though I have no expertise in the subject matter, I still find that I legally know more about sports than players do a lot of time. I feel like Haikyuu often treats me like an idiot. Why are these supposedly national athletes only taught certain basic positions and tactics such as angle blocking? That makes no sense at all. I mean yes, I realize that Mangaka wants to teach things to readers/viewers who have little or no understanding of volleyball, but can you not do it in a way that does not directly reduce the sense of realism in the story? ? For example, you can include some short non-canon tutorials for the sake of an audience without disturbing the development of the plot at all. In addition, there are also some points that really don't make sense, because it will be harder to play against left-handed players than left-handed ones. What kind of understanding is that? This is volleyball, not soccer. The ball reaches its destination in less than a second when spiking so it is absolutely impossible the opposite direction of rotation has time to curve the track in a relevant way at all, and given how light the ball is I don't see how a spin will make it harder to pass or accept.

Another thing that really bothered me about this third season (which was a problem that didn't exist in the previous season) was the lack of preparation from Karasuno before the final. I mean think about it; Shiratorizawa should be the most famous team in the entire region for their age group, and they have won several major tournaments over the past few years. In addition, they have superstar ace players in Ushijima who everyone seems to know. So why does Karasuno seem to know who their opponents are during the finals themselves? They must have a lot of easily accessible information about every beginner they have faced since centuries ago, and therefore must be prepared precisely for what will happen before. Especially considering that this is a shounen series where almost every player has some super-specific skills such as Ushijima's surge of raw power and Tendou's "Guess Monsters" gimmick, rather than just being a full-fledged player like you generally expect high-level players to be in real life. In other words making hard counters should be easier here than in reality as long as you know what you are facing before, which again Karasuno really needs to know. As I can understand the reverse scenario about how Shiratorizawa might be confident enough in their victory to not really care about researching their opponents, and also Karasuno's matches in the previous round and tournament have fought fewer opponents so I guess that reason might be somewhat applied there too, but for this thesis, not too much. It's like taking a college exam without studying it and just hoping that your raw talent will be enough for you to know the answer right away. Of course, maybe it will work for you, but it still seems to be much smarter to just study before. The same logic applies to Karasuno in the final of this tournament.

Speaking of pans, I must also say that the abilities mentioned above are very ridiculous. Do professional volleyball players base their movements around trying to read the eye movements of their opponents and the like Tendou? Do you think you have time to do such a thing in sports as fast as a volleyball? I doubt that very much. And as far as Ushijima went, I discovered his ability to be really stupid. For one it is somewhat uncreative with how basically all the strengths and strategies are very little involved, but more importantly, such strengths make no sense at all. As mentioned before, volleyball is quite light, and even the strongest nails can only produce so much kinetic energy as a result. So the fact that Ushijima's nails can be so strong that they can directly penetrate beams is ridiculous. No way that happened. In short, there are a number of aspects of Haikyuu that are truly unrealistic, which is ironic considering that one of the common compliments that I keep seeing for the show is the realism that it should.

Even so, I still consider Haikyuu to be a pretty good anime in general because despite its shortcomings, it's still fun to watch, and it's addictive and interesting. The problem lies mostly in the details, but the more general aspects are all pretty solid. First, the production value is very good. I'm not sure if I've seen sports anime with subtle animations like Haikyuu, so Production I.G certainly deserves a big award for the success of the event. The soundtrack also serves to increase the level of intensity of the match and increase the emotional impact when needed, with perfect and perfect timing. Characters may not be truly exceptional in terms of writing but they have a lot of developments, and ignoring the part where they sometimes don't seem to understand things that shouldn't have happened, they generally feel quite trustworthy and admirable. In this special season, I think especially Tsukishima who got the most development as something that has been building since almost the beginning of the show ended with full results, which is quite satisfying to see. Looking back on how he used to be, it feels like watching a totally different person at the end of this season.

Finally, before ending this I just want to touch something about this anime fan base that always annoys me and I don't know where else to put it. Many times I see people (especially those who haven't really seen it) refer to Haikyuu as "homosexual volleyball". In this respect, it is understandable given the extraordinary amount of fanfare with the theme of Haikyuu and fanfic arts out there, often of a sexual nature, so it is clear in terms of how Fujitsu treats it is not wrong. However, actually, the anime itself is not gay at all. It's not like Yuri on Ice that has a striking homoerotic tension on your face almost every episode; Haikyuu doesn't have that kind of thing. I have never seen people on this show look at each other's eyes, feel embarrassed in front of each other, end up in a position of compromise with each other or show signs of being attracted to each other outside of friends and teammates. I may not be a volleyball player, but I have been playing football for years so I can at least say that there is no homosexual about playing in the same sports team with a group of other people and wanting to win together. So please stop trash talking to Haikyuu because it is considered as yaoi-bait and avoid it simply because of that because that is not only a silly excuse but also wrong. Blame a certain obsessive minority from the fan base if you want, but not the show.

However, Haikyuu's third season was an overall solid addition to the established franchise which largely retained the same strengths and weaknesses as the previous season even though it was less than half its length. It's also more direct to the point than before because the hair is significantly less, and as a result, each episode feels fast-paced (but not too fast) and important. And while I hope it has done things differently, overall it's still a very fun anime that is definitely worth a try. It's not that I understand why you won't watch this season as well if you have invested enough time to go through the previous 50 episodes. If you have seen and liked the first two seasons, there really is no reason not to watch this one too.

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