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Hinamatsuri - English Sub

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Watch anime, anime to watch And Download

While enjoying the success of grabbing a precious vase for his collection, Yoshifumi Nitta, a member of the yakuza, was severely interrupted when a large and strange capsule suddenly appeared and fell on his head. He opened the capsule to reveal a blue-haired young girl who had not leaked anything about him other than her name - Hina - and the fact that she had extraordinary strength. As if things couldn't get worse, he lost control and released an explosion if his power remained unused. Facing no other choice, Nitta found herself to be her nanny.

To let him use his power freely, Nitta asked Hina to help with the development agreement, which went well. But while this was happening, his rival yakuza group quietly attacked his boss. To surprise Nitta, her colleagues then blamed her! Assigned to attack the opposing group in retaliation, Nitta steeled herself and arrived at their hiding place. But suddenly, Hina suddenly came in and helped her destroy the whole group. As it turns out, Hina might just be a valuable asset to Nitta and her yakuza business provided she didn't use her strength on herself first! Then the strange life of this unusual duo began.


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2018, to Jun 22, 2018
Premiered: Spring 2018
Broadcast: Fridays at 21:00 (JST)
Producers: Media Factory, Magic Capsule, Nippon Columbia, Kadokawa Media House
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: feel.
Source: Manga
Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Reviews: [01]

Every now and then, we get comedy entertainers who do what needs to be done: entertain. I have seen many comedy shows in the last few years and believe me, Hinamatsuri is included in its own category. It's entertaining not only at the level of being able to make me laugh but also being able to capture the magic of what comedy really is. This is only 12 episodes but has made an addictive impression.

As a manga fan, excitement is just one of many words that come to mind when I hear about adaptation. This manga contains more than 70+ memorable content chapters and to fully provide grades is not an easy task. Luckily, Hinamatsuri did something that I noticed a lot of shows did not do today and that was aware of itself. At first glance, it feels like a challenge to realize what this series is. The premise itself can make the eyes of some people roll around while the cast of characters consists of various colorful personalities. To me, Hinamatsuri is like diving into a world of absurdity but coming out of it provides nothing but a smile and a conscience to be entertained.

From watching the show, I can say that the director wants to entertain the audience. The most obvious is the sale of comedy character reactions. The main characters Hina and Nitta do this the best because they come from very different backgrounds. At the surface level, the two are not the same but through interacting with each other, they form strange bonds that make them almost inseparable. This anime does a phenomenal job of capturing character expressions with timely body language. This creates the sensation of wanting to get more of each episode and see what the character will do in certain situations. Each episode consists of a segment of daily life activities even though there are abnormal events that occur from time to time that involve psychic powers. In addition to selling comedy, this event also contains some interesting emotional elements.

One special episode featuring Anzu illustrates homeless realism. This is one of the episodes that you least expect from this anime. What is interesting for me about this show is how it ties many ideas together. Storytelling may feel random at first but overall has a shared connection. Each main character or supporter also provides a moment that is difficult to forget. This also included Hina's classmates like Hitomi when she worked secretly in bars that only a few knew. It was also seen that the event did not only take place at school or in the city. In a big change in mood, an episode that focuses on Mao shows what life is like separately. Experimenting with ideas like this, it feels like the show is developing and has something for fans to talk about.

I have mentioned several characters but the big question is whether the show provides enough value to make the audience care about them. While some characters may not stand out like others, I can say with confidence that the main casts are worth watching their role. It will be easy to let the characters speak, but instead, this series shows their personalities in the funniest way. The sense of fatalism, in general, can also be felt because some characters are destined to meet or events that are destined to occur. Although some elements of storytelling can be predicted in later episodes, it does not preclude how the characters are connected to each other.

Now, there is an elephant in the room. After you see a lot of episodes, it's not hard to say that anime plays characters in an inappropriate way. Fan service comes in several episodes and there may be some uncomfortable scenes thrown by the maker. Although this is true on the surface, it must be realized that anime is not presented as a surprising value. In essence, Hinamatsuri functions to entertain the audience through creative comedy. The fan service adds more fuel to the fire that way.

Adapted by studio feel, this anime has a production quality that I can say is quite good. Character reaction is a big selling factor that is animated with extreme style. Somehow, it still applies to the overall tone of the event without ever getting off track. It also impressed me that we could see emotional moments that were bought for life. This is very humane and although there are silly anime, the shows contain episodes that drain a lot of tears. The character design looks sharp

Reviews: [02]

What makes a great comedy anime?


Time setting

Character reaction


Character relationship

These are all ways to make comedy anime better. But unlike my original 3D Kanojo girl and Love, it's hard to review Okatu where I compare it to each to see which is better overall (Wotaku Love spoilers are hard for otaku to win) but I just want to talk about I believe that Hinamatsru or Hina Festival is one of the best comedy/slice anime that has ever come out. I am not saying that its competitors are bad Comic Girls or whatever Comic Girls are actually anime comedy/slices of a good life that made me laugh several times. But that still has no chance against the Hina Festival.

So what makes the Hina Festival so great?

How did it finally dominate the Spring 18 season?

You will find out soon enough.

One night, a strange object fell on the head of Nitta, a member of the yakuza. In the box, there is a strange young girl named Hina. He has extraordinary magical power, and Nitta finds herself reluctantly accepting it. His strength can be useful for his yakuza business, but he also bears the risk of using it on himself! Not to mention, if he didn't use his strength, he would eventually throw a tantrum and destroy everything around him. The strange life of Nitta and Hina together has just begun.

The story is brilliant and very well made.

For starters, this show is a great job, building its own world where the anime perfectly displays every social group in the city from high school students, Yakusa, workers from shopping centers and even annoying homeless people. The show also does a fantastic job of showing character interactions based on different social groups.

For example in the character of the Hitomi Arc where she is forced to work as a bartender, we see that many social groups like Yakusha see the fact that there is a middle school girl who works in a bar. Like Hitomi's classmates where they think that Hitomi works at the bar as a bartender also doing naughty things with adults and Yakusa. But once they entered the bar that there was no naughty activity happening because Hitomi only decided on adult beer which meant the people in the ears were not pedophiles because they just wanted to drink.

Although Hitomi's character is the most popular comedy, his rise in popularity was handled very well.

The comedy at the Hina Festival is brilliant. Comedy and jokes are really funny because everything is timed and the most important thing is not to repeat. What makes comedy brighter is how the characters react to the comedy situations that occur in this series.

One thing I really like about the Hina Festival is doing a great job in handling serious topics and themes such as homelessness, humanity, running, acceptance, family, gambling, and money and doing a great job in exploring them in-depth as treating themes and topics well.

The thing that sells me most about this series is that even though many comedy/slices of the show's character actually get development. You see that most comedy anime will often return to the status quo which means that after these characters are highlighted in the next episode, they return to the normal removal of all character development in the process itself. This has never happened at the Hina Festival when the characters and even the world itself changes and develops over time.

(Spoilers in front)
The best example of this is in the character Anzu arc where she started as a rude girl who came to earth to bring home Hina also stole food and drinks from the local shopping district but all of this changed when she could not return to where she came from and because of that, he became homeless. Finally, Anzu lives with a group of homeless people and while she lives with them, she learns about the value of money and the strength of community and friendship.
Unfortunately at some point in the series, he had to leave the homeless community so he could stay with a couple who owned a restaurant. After that point, we viewers saw how time in the homeless community had affected him both mentally and mentally to the point where he seemed to be trying to adapt to his new environment and things he could now do like bathing to learn the value and importance of money.

There are things that I want to see in anime more often because the anime media itself has the potential to present direct lessons and serious topics.


The characters at the Hina Festival are all brilliant and very well-liked in their own way. One thing I praise about this show is that despite being comedic, the works of the characters actually have character development. Many comedy anime such as Konosuba, School Rumble and several others are afraid to leave the way of comedy. I know some of them are parodies where they are very happy to be comedy but the problem is especially for Konosuba where chicken repeatedly tempts the audience to be more than comedy/parody where characters are developed but instead of doing it and taking risks the event decides to become a comedy show the same from episode 1 but in its development the show completely lost its appeal to the point where it became unfunny and repetitive.

Hina Festival completely avoids the traps and traps that capture other comedies where not only the characters are liked but really get development plus they are still really funny and they don't repeat the same jokes/jokes to the audience.

Nitta is a great character that I really like. Of course, it might appear as your generic Yakusa member at the start but he honestly has a softer side to him that makes him an interesting character to watch. I also like the relationship between father and son and Hina because the relationship is well done and interesting to watch.

Unfortunately, Hina is the character I like the most in this series. Make no mistake he is not a character because he is a good character in himself. The problem is if you compare with other girls in this series especially Anzu who has the most character development, she is not too prominent. Yes, he has a good character with Nitta where they learn the importance of the father and son relationship, but honestly, I think Nitta learned more than Hina. Yes, he sometimes becomes an interesting character, but I think he is not as attractive as Anzu, Nitta, and Hitomi. Overall Hina is a very good character but she is sad to get shadows compared to the other girls in the series.

If I had to choose my favorite character at this event I would choose Hitomi. As a character, Hitomi is very happy because she changed from being a middle school girl in general to a hard worker who is very skilled in the things she does to the point where she becomes a key member of several businesses. I also admire the interaction and character of the bow.

While Hitomi is my personal favorite character in the Anzu series so far it is the best character in the show in terms of writing and character development. Compared to the other girls in the series, she is probably the most deformed and humane character in the series despite Superman being in power. Not to mention the bow of the character is well written to the core.

Mao who comes at the end of the series is an interesting character.
She is an esper girl trapped on an island trying to find her fellow espers. Despite having less screen time because he came in the series so late he still managed to become an interesting character that I really like. More than Hina who has more screen time than Mao.
Supporting characters are great characters in them because they are all impressive and interesting to watch from start to finish.

Overall, the characters at the Hina Festival are truly extraordinary.

9.5 / 10


The Hina Festival is visually very good.
Studio feel works well with its rugged style of material with jagged, linear and haphazard layers. The show also has the use of beautiful and modern color palettes that provide visual flare performances themselves. Designs character is very good and attractive to the eye

I really like the facial expressions offered by the series because it is tenser both comedy and serious situations that enter the series.

The expression of my favorite character in this series is Hitomi because of the way he opens the moon sticking out his tongue every time he will be caught by someone important because after all, he worked as a bartender at a young age.

This animation is pretty good for what it is so I have no complaints at all.

8.5 / 10

The soundtrack at the Hina Festival is very good because it strongly represents Ashigawa's daily life.
The opening theme of Distance by Rie Murakawa is easily the best opening of this spring 18 anime season because it is very interesting and perfectly captures the settings and tone of the series.
The closing theme of Sake to Ikura until 893 sung by the actor Voiced by Nitta is a masterpiece.

Before we get to the sub vs dub review section I just want to praise the fact that the opening and ending evolved as time goes by and this is perfectly demonstrated by a character named Utako where if you keep watching each opening episode you will start to see how important the character really is and for this case is Utako where only appeared once at the opening in episode 10 while she was never present at the end at all in episode 10. Another thing I really like is how to close the growing supportive character features where I really hope that more theses will develop an opening/closing theme in the future because this one really makes them unique and the two aimless recap episodes are really seen by the audience visually how the series develops.

Now for sub vs dub.

Overall it is very good and I have no complaints about it but what really surprised me about the Hina Festival was the dub. The ranking of the Hina Festival is brilliant and acts well.

Overall the soundtrack is brilliant.


The last thought.

Overall I really admire the Hina Festival. I can safely say that the Hina Festival not only dominates Spring 18 with its own hands but is also one of the best life/comedy series.

This story is extraordinary and well made. His character is extraordinary and interesting. the production is very good and the soundtrack is amazing.

It really feels like the creator for this event put a lot of attention and effort when making this anime and I'm happy.

Hopefully, this event will get a second season in the future and a great DVD / Blu Ray release by Funimation in the US and UK.

If you are looking for live anime/comedy pieces that are very funny and have great character development than I recommend the Hina Festival.

Final Score 9.5 / 10

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