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xxxHOLiC Season 1 [English Sub]

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xxxHOLiC Season 1 [English Sub] 

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Kimihiro Watanuki can see spirits and various other magical creatures, which is a pretty annoying ability that he really doesn't like. On his way home one day, when captured by several spirits, he was forced to enter a strange house. There, he meets Yuuko, a mysterious woman who claims to be able to get rid of her ability to see and attract troublesome creatures - for a certain price. He demanded that he work in his "shop" that gave people hope, and thus began the Watanuki adventure through strange and beautiful events.

xxxholic season 1

Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2006, to Sep 29, 2006
Premiered: Spring 2006
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: TBS, BMG Japan, Kids Station, Kodansha
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Production I.G
Source: Manga
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

xxxHOLiC Review: [01]

Funny, creepy, dark, interesting and clever. They will be the word that can describe this anime.

This is funny; thanks to the wild Watanuki. Creepy is largely for fear of the heck out of me some time (especially episodes 10, 12 and 24). Dark, because it presents the world in a way that people rarely see. It's interesting; You can connect to it and you really become xxxHOLIC-Holic. Finally, it's clever because it doesn't take viewers to stupid.

The characters are just great. Doumeki and Watanuki are Yin and Yang. They always seem to have this love-hate comedy routine where Doumeki says one thing then it interrupts the Watanuki right off the bat, then Himawari comments about how close they are. I also love Yuuko. I am always amazed by the wisdom and how it takes the job. I think the concept of only compensating for something else than money is very clever. I like him here more, not Yuuko from TRC. Mokona black cracked me up too though I'm a tad disturbed that he's not also polite as a white Mokona.

IG's production work is somewhat interesting. The visuals are sometimes, but there's something about it that keeps me watching. I don't like the color though because the majority of it is concentrated on the main character/element. The background elements seem a bit boring sometimes. I like the Devil's Parade episode because the scene is clearer than usual. As expected of CLAMP, the character has a slight flaw in body type and high and strapped characters. I think that's what separates them from others.

I'm not familiar too with the three main Seiyuu, but I think they do a wonderful job. Jun Fukuyama is very entertaining as Watanuki. The mature, sully and feminine sound that suits Yuuko's personality is excellent and the voice of Kazuya Nakai is also suitable for Doumeki's character. Of course, Mika Kikuchi is also very entertaining as Mokona.

The music is very similar to the plot – somewhat dark, but contemporary. I like the interesting opening song (19sai), the cute first ending theme (the reason), and the second J-Rock (Kagerou) ending song. BGM is very helpful in making things much more creepier too.

I am so glad that I found the time to watch the series. I must say that this is my favorite CLAMP series away; Mostly because of the CLAMP series, I have seen not impressed as much as xxxHOLIC. I'm going to end this review with the words of Yuuko that join along with the series; There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world. There is only inevitable.

xxxHOLiC Reviews: [02]

Prepare to be taken on a Tour de force through the supernatural world. Or Maybe just a regular tour. I wouldn't know. Having recently experienced the genre of  "Supernatural " anime, xxxHOLiC (with this referred to as simply  "Holic ") is a breath of fresh air from the usual action/fantasy fare.

The story behind Holic is interesting and fun, scrolling around the spirit, ghost, and very strange. Aimed at older and more sophisticated audiences, there is little action, but many thoughtful and amazingly profound dialogues. Holic is the kind of anime that keeps your mind pumping on topics such as fate, Destiny, and the purpose of a person in life. Plus, there's a side to it that makes a statement about how people live and society in general. Not to mention that it's educational too. Holic offers insight into some Japanese culture that most people in see.

Regarding The plot, however, Holic is another anime that is driven by episodic events. There seems to be no real overall direction for the story. Usually, this will make me feel a bit cheated and dissatisfied, but after surviving through people like Ouran and Wallflower, I came to accept that the episodic plot system is its own genre and it's here to stay.

Unfortunately, the plot does not know where it will hurt any character development. The characters are well-crafted, with their own distinct personalities, but remain relatively the same along the plot path. Nothing shows very significant growth. Indeed, everyone is wiser and better, after studying the lessons distributed across 24 episodes of madness. Maybe It's the growth of hard characters understood that I've been looking for?

In terms of artwork, the artistic foundations set in the manga by the increasingly popular mangaka group CLAMP. And They have done an excellent job. Yuuko's clothing is something clear to pay attention to (ahem), and although everyone has ridiculously long sleeves, legs, and neck, it actually gives a sense of tingling in a serious setting (that is, and alcoholism). Unfortunately, there is little problem with the fact that only the important characters for the plot are actually drawn in every body that is only needed to be  "filler " (like a bunch of random people in the supermarket) is colorless and lacks the face. In my opinion, it has a symbolic meaning, but it can also be attributed to pure laziness. Dunno's to choose.

Oh, and speaking of laziness, the sound was great. Loved the opening song, but did not really pay attention to the background music. Voice-acting is top notch, especially with all the high-pitchly and slightly unique sounds derived from characters such as Mokona, Maru, and Moro. That's all.

In the enjoyment part: I finished Holic in the room a week, and indeed, I was really hooked. I enjoy every bit of supernatural peculiarities, and I'll be looking for more with the second season.

Finally, Holic is certainly not unique, since there seems to be an ever growing list of anime related to supernatural, occult, and just very strange things in general. But as the starter series for the newly converted, it is definitely worth watching.

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