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Youjo Senki [The Saga of Tanya the Evil] English Sub

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Youjo Senki [The Saga of Tanya the Evil] 

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Watch anime, anime to watch And Download


Tanya Degurechaff was a young soldier who was notorious for being such a predatorial and strange tactical talent, dubbed him "Devil Rhine". However, under his innocuous appearance, the soul of a man unfolded challenging Being X, a self-proclaimed God, to a battle of wits - which resulted in him being reincarnated as a little girl into the world of magic wars. Hellbent on defiance, Tanya decided to move up the ranks of the country's military because it was slowly plunging into a world war, with only Being X proving to be the strongest obstacle in recreating the peaceful life he had ever known. But his perceptive actions and combat initiatives had an undesirable side effect: pushing the mighty Empire to become one of the most powerful nations in human history.

Youjo Senki [The Saga of Tanya the Evil]

Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 6, 2017, to Mar 31, 2017
Premiered: Winter 2017
Broadcast: Fridays at 22:00 (JST)
Producers: Media Factory, AT-X, Enterbrain, Sony Music Communications
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Nut
Source: Light novel
Genres: Action, Military, Magic
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)

Reviews: [01]

This review contains spoilers.

It's very rare to see an anime whose main protagonist is a villain and does it very well. Overlord is a popular event that explores this idea and Youjo Senki will be highly recommended for those who enjoy certain aspects. This follows Tanya Degurechaff, a Japanese salary worker who was reincarnated as a female soldier, in the fact that magic coexisted together with an alternative time from World War One. The twist is that he fought for the German Empire and behaved much differently from the stereotypical hero.


Youjo Senki was defined by the female leader Tanya when she was promoted to the Imperial Army through bloodshed and maneuvering in the bureaucracy. What makes the character and story so interesting is that it provides interesting case studies about crime. Instead of being a cliché's ambition about world domination, fame or wealth, the main goal is to live a comfortable life by following the rules to the dogmatic level and being competent. This is an earthly goal, but it underlies its character to be accepted.

Being a sociopathic payroll in a previous life, Tanya collided with God because of a lack of empathy and atheism, which then caused her to be reborn into a bleak world to open her faith to a higher power. The point of this series is that Tanya physically survived the ongoing conflict that would become the First World War in this alternative timeline challenge to double Tanya because she had to survive in this new world without giving in to the spiritual desires of God's conversion. effort.

However, Tanya does have access to considerable strength in the form of maintaining full knowledge of her previous life, very high magical potential, a cruel work ethic and sophisticated equipment. Even though it ends in the body of a ten-year-old blonde girl, there are very few accomplices when it comes to physical loli, and those who underestimate it quickly find themselves losing the class and losing the ability. Tanya is really cruel and brutal in war because the tactic is to quickly end the fight with smart tactics and extraordinary firepower. Outside the battlefield and with knowledge of the First World War, he was able to talk sweetly to the command staff with innovative military doctrine and instill respect for his troops.

Indeed, his biggest downfall was the mismatch of objectives, ideology, and his main actions in the military environment which resulted in various schemes which he cooked to ensure a comfortable position ended with the opposite effect. His adherence to rules, regulations, and orders does not offer an alternative route even though Tanya is the villain in her own story. While the civilian business world can far more accommodate the desires of talented individuals, the military values ​​competence by rewarding certain individuals such as Tanya, with greater responsibility. It is impossible for the Imperial Army to allow a brilliant tactician and ace with unparalleled strength or leadership ability to be ruled out in the greatest war to end all wars. As clever and as clever as Tanya, for her, she didn't realize that a simple face looked like a mistake to me.

Other characters from this event don't even approach holding a candle to Tanya's flamethrower, but that doesn't mean that they are poorly designed or built. Her subordinate, Viktoriya Serebryakova, a woman who was conscripted in the German Army, acted as an initiator of cold efficiency and the utilitarian world view of Tanya. With his national ideals, a strong sense of duty, worry about his friends and confidence in a higher power, he is much more similar to your standard anime hero. Aligning their attitudes is what makes their interactions so strange because Viktoriya slowly falls in love with his boss.

Finally, there is Being X itself, an entity like a single god that conflicts with many gods in source material. Studio Nut took freedom with a light novel and made it a far more sinister character by building Tanya in a situation where she had no choice but to praise her name in return for using a powerful Type-95 magic ball. Appearing through proxies at definite encounters, his involvement in the plot goes to the point of changing source material and gathering in explosive climax which gives Tanya a real challenge and face to fight.

From the limited information available, Youjo Senki is the first major animation production from Studio Nut, a newly discovered company consisting of former Studio Madhouse employees. There is clearly some talent behind the production of this anime because the sequence of actions looks pretty good and conveys a ferocious feeling when Tanya easily cuts her way through all and all enemies that stand between her and peaceful life. The background also looks very good with very detailed landscapes and skyboxes while having a tedious color palette that matches Youjo Senki's interpretation of the dismal tone of World War One. My only complaint is actually the use of some rather clever CGI that collides with 2D frame rates and fidelity. Others might take issue with the character design differences between the source material and the anime because Tanya and Viktoriya look separate when compared to their appearance that resembles Soujo in the manga and light novels. Personally, I think that the sociopathic nature of Tanya and the wide-ranging, optimistic and task-bound views of Viktoriya match their trollish and dopey animated appearance.


Youjo Senki is a textbook about how exactly anime adaptations should be done by having strong source material as the basis and layering them with superb animation, an epic soundtrack and a bleak tone that fits. World War One arrangements deserve their own right because the portrayal of various weapons and military doctrines is very precise. Tanya, being one of the most understandable psychopathic loli anime has to offer, only adds to her uniqueness and enjoyment.

Reviews: [02]

My first meeting with the anime "The Saga of the Ask the Not, Especially Evil" really aroused my interest. I walk on top of my roommate watching some anime with a little girl and, according to tradition, I casually call him a pedophile. But then something strange happened. Instead of the usual, "MUST, he's a 500-year-old devil," he said, "MUST, he's a middle-aged man." Now, I am horrified by this. I slapped him and started screaming. "Why ?? Doesn't this trap has lasted long enough ??? It's too far!" I said. But he explained the plot to me, so I said it sounded stupid. "No," he said, "Actually, that's very good." And that's where our sad story begins. (No, dear reader, actually very good.)

The basic problem here is that the whole premise feels useless. Some people die and God doesn't like it so he turns it into an evil witch. Because it's a punishment now. Why is it important that this girl was a boy when we basically knew nothing about her previous life? This reincarnation seems to provide knowledge that generals who harden war are jealous, but there is no reason why some employees who read some Wikipedia articles will become geniuses in military strategy. And does he have to be a fedora tipper's wet dream? Libertarians, atheists ... ... I guarantee this man tries animalism based solely on this combination, and this makes him a very unsympathetic character. Can't we have an anime where loli becomes Hitler, without all this where there are actually some old men who are reincarnated? That sounds like a far more interesting character. Like that, they kept telling us that he was a monster or crime every episode, but he was mostly just boring, which is why they had to keep telling us ... we would never have guessed if we were left to use our own devices.

However, I am more concerned with the actual plot than this strange background story. Or I would if AU wasn't too hazy and boring. One alternative option is to create an entirely new universe, with little resemblance to our universe, but that requires the development and work of the world. Others may occur in a universe that is more similar to us, but the points where anime departs from history often seem to be more out of ignorance than creativity, suggesting that this choice is never really a choice. Because of this, we are stuck in this strange middle ground where the viewer knows nothing about the setting, despite how similar it is to his own world history. Lack of clarification about the points of departure is jarring and destroys immersion.

Part ‘Character must be placed on 1/10, to state that there is only one character. (And he's not that good!) I can't say I remember other people's names or anything about them. It seems like the creators really aren't trying to make unique, interesting, or creative characters. I don't care about these people, or what happens to them. And each time I began to feel attracted to Tanya, I reminded her that she was actually just a strange old man, and the whole story of an orphan had no meaning. Most character interactions are very shallow, and we don't know anyone's motivation other than absolute basics. Where is meaningful character interaction? Where are the developments? That's ridiculous and shallow.

ED is probably the best part of each episode. Not only because it means the episode has ended, but because it's actually not too bad. No complaints there.

Overall, I think that most of the anime's potential is wasted. This is not cruelty but I would not recommend it, nor do I plan to watch the following season. There was not enough tension or depth to keep me going and it was difficult to watch towards the end.

Story: 3/10
Art: 4/10
Votes: 6/10
Characters: 1/10
Fun: 5/10
Overall: Let's just call it 4 or something

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