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Kakumeiki Valvrave Season 1- English Subtitle

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Kakumeiki Valvrave [Valvrave the Liberator] 

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Table of Content

Valvrave mecha red robot and his pilot in red costume


In the 71st year of the True Era, humans have managed to develop into space and begin to live in independent galaxy colonies. The world itself is divided between two main countries: the Atlantic Circle of the United States (ARUS) and the Dorssia Military Pact Federation (Dorssia) - superior forces that fight each other on Earth and deep into space. In this war-torn era, a third faction comprising Japan and the Islands of the Republic of Oceania (JIOR), domiciled peacefully and prosperously, maintained neutrality between themselves and their militant neighbors.

Kakumeiki Valvrave began in the JIOR space colony, where the 17-year-old peaceful life of Haruto Tokishima overturned when the Dorssian fleet suddenly destroyed a neutral colony. Their aim was to seize Valvraves: a powerful but rumored mechanical weapon hidden deep inside the Haruto school, Sakimori Academy. In the ensuing chaos, Haruto finds one of the targeted Valvraves. With the lives of his friends in danger, Haruto entered the mecha and sealed the contract for his strength in return for his humanity. With the help of L-elf - an enigmatic Dorsia agent and talented strategist - Haruto and Valvrave started a revolution to free the world.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Season 1

Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 12, 2013, to Jun 28, 2013
Premiered: Spring 2013
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Aniplex, Dentsu, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Movic, Bandai, Bandai Namco Entertainment
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: Sunrise
Source: Original
Genres: Action, Military, Space, Mecha
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)

Alternative Titles
Valvrave the Liberator

Kakumeiki Valvrave - Valvrave the Liberator Reviews: [01]

I'm sure everyone has heard the term 'very bad, that's good'. There is something mysteriously interesting about bad things, like the embarrassing success of cinematic shyness like 'The Room' and 'Troll 2' will support this also applies to anime and in movies, take this space mecha action sci-fi trash, as an example. Valvrave the Liberator is the latest from Sunrise studio which was once extraordinary, a mixture of studio's worst tendencies and deteriorating quality. This is a very unfocused show and has a very silly twist plot so that it goes beyond just bad, it is very terrible.

On the surface, Valvrave is openly generic. He has a son who has good intentions but has a soft and rather weak head as his protagonist, who at the time of despair gets superhuman strength (this time the power of vampires) and giant robots, which gives him the strength to defend himself and what he holds. valuable. He later found himself in the midst of a power struggle for galaxies; contrary to militaristic threats. Asli, right !? Now, to coat the cliches, the story involves middle school and the youth revolution, the composer of a series of things that Ichiro Okouchi seems unable to withdraw from; has used it in two of his main works, Code Geass and Guilty Crown. That's not the end of it, because the show is full of excessive metaphors: the interest in love that doesn't understand, the secondary interest in jealous love that is a pop idol, the heroes' anxiety over their inhuman strength, and so on.

Of course, it is not the saturation of these stock plot elements that make this show so bad, if they make it forgotten. No, everything is written and executed. This program likes to be wasteful and dramatic even though the material is often too thin or ridiculous to give weight, and sometimes it's just misleading. For example, when Haruto (our milquetoast hero) destroyed Shoko who apparently died in the first episode, the show made this drama so much that it almost seemed certain that he was dead. But of course, all of this drama ended in vain because (and I'm sorry for ruining anyone who hasn't watched past the first episode) he is actually alive, with a few scratches. That's right, the explosion, not 10 feet from him that blew the crater to the earth didn't kill him, it just buried him and the car he ran under the rubble. This is only the first of many plot plots that are poorly understood in Valvrave. Haruto almost confessed his feelings to Shoko, but stopped halfway because he was "no longer human," a clear discovery was put there to make room for some love-triangle drama. One of his characters seems to be a strong strategist so he can predict events as if he were a fortune teller; rather ludicrous attempts to make it look like a genius. Not to mention the rape scene made at the end of the season, and the marriage proposal leads to. The plot has almost no focus and a series of rounds after round, with a little thought about how these rounds flow together or if they make sense. This program plays all of these plots straight, making it funny by accident. It doesn't help that the actual comedy moments in the show aren't too funny.

Valvrave has a number of characters named and doesn't know how to use them. Most of the characters just wander around living their normal high school lives and sometimes meet to make collective decisions. The majority of these characters are stereotyped in terms of personality and make very little contribution to the storyline, but the show suddenly follows them around and gives them a decent amount of screen time. The main character is also weak in characterization and matches the rearranged archetype. Haruto is the male lead who is seen repeatedly in the anime. Shoko is a Genki Girl with a kind heart and Haruto's childhood friend/love interest. Saki is a jammed and guarded pop idol who also has feelings for Haruto. L-elf is an extraordinary military genius, who acts as Haruto's rival and/or ally. Almost all characters can be concluded in one or two sentences. The main factions are hardly defined outside their initial description: Dorssia is militarist, FLOW is greedy capitalist, JOIR is neutralist. Despite the initial promises of some political games, almost none. There are only silly high school dramas that pretend to be political. Every joke is heard.

There is at least one thing that Valvrave is right, namely eye-candy. In all respects, this is a very beautiful show. The color scheme is clear and colorful, as is the design and background of the character. The character designs by D. Gray-man mangaka Katsura Hoshino are not entirely unconventional, but they are different and interesting, especially their eyes. The mechanism design is sleek but fantastic, with striking features such as colorful wings, wheel-sword weapons, and laser swords. They are some of the coolest mech designs that anime has recently produced; even the large Dorssian mechanism looks amazing. Space battles and other actions are interesting and feature good cinematography; there are many things that happen, but it never falls apart until it can't be deciphered. There are some shortcuts and loss of quality but taken in the right place. The soundtrack is also very good, though not extraordinary or outside the norm for the genre. Action songs are the highest point of music, but there are some annoying songs. To be honest, this is only directed at the technical ability; which makes a bad direction in all other aspects less visible.

Actually, Valvrave the Liberator can't really be placed on the same level as things like "The Room" and "Trolls 2" because this really works on a technical level, which is more than can be said for both films. Plus, he has better voice acting than acting in those films too. However, it was not due to lack of effort, because the writing on Vlavrave was bad enough to rival that cruelty. Not just bad, it's also bad. If it wasn't for strong technical skills and voice acting, Valvrave could very well reach the next crime level. While a loose storyline can be improved with the coming creak, the question arises: with this very bad season, what opportunities do season 2 have? Well, chances are it will only be as much as a train. Am I wrong because I waited for a little?

Kakumeiki Valvrave - Valvrave the Liberator Reviews: [02]

It doesn't show justice to write a review about it when technically only half is done; the second round will be aired in October 2013. But it's a shame not to let more people know about this show because ... well, some jewelry is only meant to be shared with others. If you are familiar with mecha anime such as Soukyuu no Fafner, or Gundam SEED (or for some of you who are familiar with Blue Destiny), or Code Geass, or Macross Frontier, even Guilty Crown, then you should consider trying Valvrave the Liberator,. As for other people who aren't familiar with the Mecha series, don't worry because you won't be harmed. In fact, there might be a little hope or an instinctive comparison, so that's not bad, right? What can be expected from Valvrave the Liberator is lots of intense action, amazing WTF moments, and lots of drama characters!

First, let me reiterate that this show has been planned before for two seasons, so estimate a LOT of unresolved questions for now (which is why I say there is no fairness in writing the review now). Given the composition of scripts and series by Okouchi Ichiro (best known as the creator of Code Geass), there are certainly great hopes among some people. Despite all the mysterious and unresolved losses, I can say that I don't regret watching it and the time is well spent. The story is very smooth and alluring, which makes me the most marathon. Located in a futuristic space environment with 70% of the human population already living in space, a war broke out in an academic city and unfortunately our protagonist found himself staring at the face of a humanoid robot! The synopsis sounds like a rip off from many other mecha series that I know of, but please trust me when I say this event is unique. Apart from that, I have to admit that I'm not too impressed with the technological gadgets that are displayed - or I'm just picky. When it comes to characters, there are many who like about this event. While character development and growth may not be seen at all, and can sometimes make you scratch your head when making decisions. But as the event progresses, viewers will get a sense of maturity that develops in it. Fight for love, fight for survival, fight for revenge, fight for independence. There is no shortage of themes and reasons for students to be involved in the affairs of war and the politics of poor adults.

Even if you are not sold based on plot or character, I still recommend that you look for OP and enjoy it. Yes, it is very good. Performed by T.M. Revolution and Nana Mizuki, it's like an instant orgasm for fans, like yours really is. Or if you prefer Angela music or ELISA, you will not be disappointed. Simply put, all the theme songs are top-notch! As the latest mech series from Sunrise, one can expect exceptional quality animation and mech characters and designs. At least I believe so. Therefore, whether you are looking for a short series of 12 episodes with intense action or extraordinary animation or storyline or drama characters or whatever, Valvrave the Liberator should be on your list as one of the series that has the potential to be watched. Don't let the lack of closure in this series mislead you, while it is true that there will be more questions than answers (for now), this event is certainly worth watching for fall 2013.

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